Often asked: What Is Hotel Reservation?

What is the meaning of hotel reservation?

The term reservation is defined as ‘ blocking or booking a particular room type for a guest, for a definite period of time, for a particular guest’. All hotels will readily accept reservations in order to achieve high occupancy and to maximize their room revenue.

What is a hotel reservation and why is it important?

Hotel reservation systems make business easier; they allow hoteliers to work more smartly, accurately and efficiently. They simplify operations while at the same time maximize revenue opportunities.

Why is hotel reservation important?

A well – organized reservation system allows hotels to ensure a steady flow of guests into their properties. Easy access to a hotel’s data bank of rooms helps in fulfilling the customers’ needs as well as in reaching a targeted daily occupancy rate, average daily rate, yield percentage, and RevPAR.

What are the two types of reservation?

Types of Reservation

  • Guaranteed reservation.
  • Non –guaranteed reservation.

What are the major types of reservations?

Guaranteed reservation. Non –guaranteed reservation.

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What is front office in a hotel?

In the hotel industry, the front office specifically refers to the area where customers first arrive at the hotel. A receptionist is typically employed to work in the front office; the role of a receptionist is to get in touch with the customers, confirm their reservation, and answer customer’s questions.

What is the advantage of having a reservation?

1. A reservation system saves time and cuts costs. A reservation system will save your guests’ time, because they will not need to wait for hours until your team confirms their reservation. If one can book a room by completing a couple of easy steps, then the chances that they will choose another hotel are pretty low.

What are the different types of rooms?

Room Type

  • Single: A room assigned to one person.
  • Double: A room assigned to two people.
  • Triple: A room assigned to three people.
  • Quad: A room assigned to four people.
  • Queen: A room with a queen-sized bed.
  • King: A room with a king-sized bed.
  • Twin: A room with two beds.

What is reservation process?

Reservation is a complete process of booking that is conducted by to parties i.e. one guest or customer and next one is hotel reservation section.

What are the duties of a reservation agent?

Reservations Agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answer phones and assist customers in making, altering, or canceling reservations.
  • Respond to emails with reservation information, confirmations, and additional details.
  • Advise customers regarding ongoing promotions or available upgrades that may enhance their experience.

What is reservation and its types?

There are different types of reservations: One-time reservation. A reservation with a specified start time and duration. Recurring reservation. A reservation with a specified start time and duration that reoccurs for a specified period of time.

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What is a confirmed reservation?

A confirmed reservation means that you have not yet paid, but the hotel agrees to hold a room for you based on some condition. For example, in a typical confirmed reservation, the hotel may agree to “hold the room for you until 8 p.m.” on a specific day.

What are the two forms of reservation system in front office?

Types of Hotel Reservation Systems

  • Slip for request of accommodation reservation.
  • Whitney slip that records guest name, accommodation type, number, and duration of stay.
  • Temporary/Permanent arrival slip.
  • Guest bill.
  • Guest registration card.
  • Correspondence file.

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